Racial Realities in Europe Stoddard - DNA map of Europe Appendix by Arthur Kemp. The greatest obstacle to a clear understanding of Europe is the result of a very fundamental misconception. We think of Europe in units of nations, and of those nations as homogenous, and we take to little account of race and race mixtures. That we cannot understand Europe until we know and thoroughly comprehend its racial background is the basis of this absorbing book. It begins with a clear account of the distinction of the various white races in Europe, before moving onto a study of the racial composition of the individual countries, which provides an explanation of their policies.

Now updated with a 32 page appendix which is a fully updated DNA map of Europe, compiled by Arthur Kemp from more than 70 scientific papers and studies into an easy-to-read format with charts and tables. This appendix reveals the exact proportions of European—and non-European—DNA in each European nation.

Also includes a section on what DNA reveals about the “Khazar-Jewish” theory. This appendix confirms the book’s thesis about racial mixing leading to the destruction of European civilization. “Race is what people physically really are; Nationality is what people politically think they are.” Cover image: Statue of an athlete, a Roman bronze copy of Greek original of the 4th century B.C. by Lysipp’s school. Inv. No. 5626. Naples, National Archaeological Museum. 200p