Campaign in Russia: The Wallonian Waffen-SS on the Eastern Front — Degrelle. A front line soldier from the Wallonian (French-speaking Belgian) volunteer Waffen-SS campaign on the Eastern Front during World War II provides a gripping, blood-drenched and shocking account of his part in the greatest land war in human history.
From the opening days of the invasion of the Soviet Union, the drive to the Caucasus in 1942, the encirclement of the Cherkassy Pocket and the desperate fighting retreat across the Ukraine and the Baltics, this book recounts the awful cost paid by both sides in the war.
Degrelle, leader of Belgium’s Rexist party, volunteered as a private and eventually rose to one of the highest ranks ever held by a non-German in the Waffen-SS. Details of his daring escape to exile in Spain at the end of the war rounds off this work.
This book is for anyone interested in the soldier’s point of view from the frontline: a raw, bloody, uncensored and brutal account which provides a rare insight into the conflict and is guaranteed to leave the reader emotionally drained—and filled with hope that such a conflict may never again curse any European nation.
Preface by the Author
Chapter One: Rush to the Ukraine
Chapter Two: Winter in the Donets
Chapter Three: The Battle of Kharkov
Chapter Four: To the Caucasus on Foot
Chapter Five: Dug In on the Dnieper
Chapter Six: Surrounded at Cherkassy
Chapter Seven: The Epic of Estonia
Chapter Eight: The Safety Valve of the Ardennes
Chapter Nine: Fight to the Death in Pomerania
Chapter Ten: The Agony of the Baltic
Chapter Eleven: “Alea Jacta Est.”