Apocalypse 1945: The Destruction of Dresden—Irving
Horrifying orginal account of the most devastating air attack in history. Here is the book that first told the story of what happened to one German city in World War II.

By Februaury 1945 the war against Germany was almost over. The beautiful city of Dresden was just behin the eastern frontlines, packed with refugees seeking to escape the savage terror of the raping, murdering Red Army. With no Luftwaffe aircraft to protect her or 88mm flak guns to take down Allied bombers, the city was defenseless. This magnificent heritage site of European culture lay naked and exposed.

Although its destruction served no real military purpose, the ancient city was about to experience the greatest single act of mass murder and genocide in world history, beside which the two atomic attacks on Japan hardly begin to compare with the massive death toll wrought by American and British bombers on the night of February 13-14, 1945.

This account presents the shocking picture of the horror of a REAL holocaust— although the author woefully understates the number of those who died, reliably estimated at between 250,000 and a half million. Quite a difference from his modest figure of a mere "100,000". While casualty figures for Jews who died during the Second World War are grossly exaggerated, those of this and other non-Jewish holocausts are systematically minimalized. This is REAL 'holocaust denial"! Filled with photgraphs