Adolf Hitler: A Short Sketch of His Life Bouhler— A biographical synopsis of the Leader and his career. Translated from Third Reich original. 40p-sc $10

And Time Rolls On: The Savitri Devi Interviews
Savitri Devi Edited by R. G. Fowler (1905-1982) became known as the high priestess of “esoteric Hitlerism” for her unique synthesis of National Socialism, Hindu mythology, and the Indo-European cyclical view of history in her 1958 book The Lightning and the Sun. In 1978, Savitri Devi recorded ten hours of interviews on her life, her thought, and her experiences in the National Socialist movement both before and after World War II. These interviews are an ideal introduction to this brilliant and controversial thinker. Now, for the first time, the edited transcripts of these hard to find recordings are available to readers. This volume is published in commemoration of Savitri Devi’s 100th birthday, 30 September 2005. 208p-sc w/index $30

Clausewitz: A Biography Parkinson—No work on military principles and strategy is more celebrated than On War by the Prussian General Carl von Clausewitz. In this highly readable biography, the author describes Clausewitz's personal background as well as those experiences during the Napoleonic wars which decisively influenced this great thoeretician of modern warfare. Maps & illus. 352p-sc $20

Colin Jordan: A National Socialist Life—Special photographic tribute to this late British National Socialist leader and activist. Here is the story of his colorful life — from his days at public school and on holiday in Hitler's Germany to his tumultuous public activity, including his organization of the famous 1962 encampment in the Cotswolds where, together with George Lincoln Rockwell, he founded the World Union of National Socialists — plus much more. A close associate of Matt Koehl and the NEW ORDER, he was awarded the Movement's highest award for loyalty in 1994. Contains 88 photos and illustrations, many never before published. 20p-sc / glossy magazine format / SPECIAL IMPORT $10

Commando Extraordinary Foley—Biography of Otto Skorzeny, the dashing SS officer who was one of Adolf Hitler's most capable and trusted men. Read of his daring rescue of Mussolini from captivity on Gran Sasso mountain, his kidnap of the playboy son of Hungarian chief Horthy, his controversial role in the Battle of the Bulge, and his dramatic escape from the hands of his American captors. A tale of adventure, courage and endurance, this book is blacklisted in Germany, studied in Israel. NOTE: Contains some gratuitous anti-NS bias. Photos, index 231p-hc $20

Defiance Savitri Dêvi (R.G. Fowler ed.) — Savitri Devi’s vivid and impassioned memoir of her arrest, trial, and imprisonment on the charge of distributing National Socialist propaganda in Occupied Germany in 1949. Considered Devi’s most readable book, it is not primarily a work of philosophy or history, but a gripping first-person narrative that truly reads as a heart-rending novel. 416p-sc $40

From Admiral to Cabin Boy Cuthbert ReavelyBarry Edward Domvile, son of the late Admiral Sir Compton Edward Domvile, G.C.B., G.C.V.O., started a brilliant career brilliantly. Born in 1878, in 1892 he passed first into H.M.S. Britannia, and, two years later emerged in the same coveted position. From 1894 to 1897 he served as a Midshipman under sail and steam. Sub-Lieutenant in 1898, he became, by special promotion, Lieutenant in the same year. Lieutenant and Gunnery-Lieutenant from 1898 to George V was pleased to honour him further by creating him a Knight Commander of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire. This was the record our misguided rulers saw fit to impugn. In 1940 the Home Secretary, Sir John Anderson, vainly attempted to abort this magnificent career by appointing the Admiral cabin boy at Brixton Prison: Anderson was succeeded shortly afterwards by Morrison, who at one time could be classed as a conscientious objector, and was author of an article taunting British soldiers and urging them not to fight for their country, but the Admiral held his position for three years, acquitting himself in his customary exemplary manner, save for a little lapse which took the form of manufacturing a stove, contrary to regulations, of an old tobacco tin, a lump of margarine and a piece of string. 140p-sc $18

Germanische Leithefte—This facsimilie of the 1942 memorial issue of the Germanic SS publication is devoted to Reinhard Heydrich, a remarkable National Socialist, who was the no. 2 man in the SS and head of Reich security services, and who was assassinated by Allied thugs in WWII. German/English text. Photographs. 28p-sc $10

Germany’s Hitler: The Only Authorized Biography Heinz — One of the most suppressed English-language books ever to emerge from Germany: the 1938 authorized biography of Adolf Hitler. The professional journalist author interviewed Hitler’s old school friends, army colleagues, landlords, his jailer, and early party comrades to provide an unprecedented insight into the German leader’s background and prewar policies. Included are vivid and unique descriptions of Hitler at school, his First World War battlefield experiences, early politics, the amazing truth behind the November 9th Putsch, Hitler in prison, and the struggle to power from 1926 to 1933. It ends just after the Austrian Anschluss and the end of the Czech/Sudeten crisis. This book was the foremost Hitler myth-buster of its day, and is full of personal and political insights. 234p-sc $20

Gold in the Furnace Dêvi—This volume is an ardent National Socialist's vivid and moving account of life in occupied Germany in the aftermath of World War II. Savitri Dêvi gives a scathing description of Allied brutality and hypocrisy: Dêvi describes in vivid detail how individual National Socialists were subjected to 'de-Nazification' by Germany's democratic 'liberators' through torture, starvation, imprisonment, show-trials, murder and other horrors. She also chronicles the Allies' systematic plunder of Germany. In spite of all this, Dêvi viewed it not as the end of National Socialism, but as a purification—a trial by fire separating the base metal from the gold - a prelude to a new beginning. 2nd ed. 294p-sc $45 3rd ed. 294p-sc $45

Hate: George Lincoln Rockwell and the American Nazi Party Schmaltz—Relatively unbiased biography of National Socialist pioneer George Lincoln Rockwell. Details his attempts to gain publicity and power, as well as illegal methods used against him by the FBI, police and Jews. Illus. 407p-hc $30

Hero and Martyr of Dutch National Socialism Rost van Tonningen—The testament of Dr. Meinoud Marinus Rost van Tonningen, president of the Netherlands Bank and leading Dutch National Socialist, before his death and martyrdom on June 6, 1945, with commentary by his widow. 54p-sc $14

Heydrich: The Ideal National Socialist — One of the most remarkable figures of NS Germany was Reinhard Heydrich, the head of Reich security services. As Governor of Bohemia-Moravia, his success in improving living standards for Czech workers won their respect and cooperation - and led to the Allied decision to assassinate him. 80p-sc $10

Hitler Boys in America Schmidt—The author of SS Panzergrenadier examines the Allies' postwar attempt to destroy the German soul in this remarkable case study. Two young Germans, both Hitler Youth members, immigrated to the U.S. shortly after WWII. Each published writings about his experiences in Hitler's Germany, yet their perspectives differ radically. The reason? One was subjected to the post-war "re-education" of the German people, while the other managed to escape it. A close-up view of the devastating effects of the "de-Nazification" of the Germans, a program the author describes as "the determined attempt to remove all vestiges of pride in their own nation and culture of this now defenseless people." If anything can rightly be called genocide, this is it. 319p-hc $40

Hitler Democrat Degrelle - What most people think they ‘know’ about Hitler and his era is nothing close to the truth. In Hitler Democrat the other side of the story is told, as only the great General Leon Degrelle of the Waffen-SS could tell it. This tremendous work is unlike any other book about World War II — and Adolf Hitler — This is General Degrelle’s remarkable story! Deluxe binding. 548p-sc $30

Hitler's Heimatland ed. Cowdery—Packed with photos, this album shows the towns, buildings, people and places associated with the birth and childhood of Adolf Hitler. An indispensable guide for those planning a pilgrimage to Austria, the land of the Führer’s birth. Maps. 96p-sc $20

Hitler's Priestess Goodrick-Clarke—One of the most remarkable figures of postwar National Socialism is Savitri Dêvi, who played an amazing role in the revival of the Hitler movement and was one of the founders of the World Union of National Socialists. Returning to a war-torn Europe from India-where she had gone in 1932 to immerse herself in ancient Aryan tradtions-she became a missionary of the Hitler faith to the German Fatherland. Imprisoned by occupation authorities, she continued her personal witness, writing, teaching and inspiring. Here is the fascinating story of this most unusual woman. Illus. 269p-hc $30

Hitler’s Table TalkHitler's Table Talk consists of notes of the German leader’s casual lunch and dinnertime conversations with his close friends and colleagues. Copied down by adjutants and edited for accuracy by his private secretary Martin Bormann, these discussions reveal Hitler’s wartime thoughts on his enemies, friends, and a variety of topics which included ranged from art, reminiscences of his childhood years, his true thoughts in religion, nature, science, technology and a host other topics which reveal his astonishingly wide general knowledge. This completely reformatted edition contains a brand new introduction which provides a history of the manuscript, its main themes and controversies, and is fully indexed. This is an indispensible aid for anybody wishing to gain a full, uncensored, insight into one of the most traumatic episodes of European history. 320p-sc $30 hc $40

Hitler Was My Friend: The memoirs of Hitler’s Photographer Hoffman —Heinrich Hoffman was a key part in the making of the Hitler legend, the photographer who carefully crafted the image of the Führer as a godlike figure. Hoffmann published his first book of photographs in 1919, following his work as an official photographer for the German army. In 1920 he joined the Nazi Party, and his association with Hitler began.
He became Hitler's official photographer and traveled with him extensively. He took over two million photographs of Hitler, and they were distributed widely, including on postage stamps, an enterprise that proved very profitable for both men. Hoffmann published several books on Hitler in the 1930s, including The Hitler Nobody Knows (1933). Hoffmann and Hitler were very close, and he acted not only as a personal confidante - his memoirs include rare details of the Führer - but also as a matchmaker – it is Hoffmann who introduced Eva Braun, his studio assistant, to Hitler.
At the end of the war, Hoffmann was arrested by the US military, who also seized his photographic archive, and was sentenced to imprisonment for Nazi profiteering. This edition of a classic book includes photographs by Hoffmann and a new introduction by Roger Moorhouse. (1) 256p-hc $40

Horst Wessel: His Life in Pictures—No study of the struggle for a New Order would be complete without acquaintance with this young SA leader, whose battles with the Communists in pre-Hitler Berlin became legendary, and whose name has come to symbolize exemplary idealism and heroism—as well as martyrdom—for every National Socialist. Included are the words and music of the Horst Wessel-Lied. 80p-sc $10

John Amery - In His Own Words John Amery—Seven talks by John Amery, one of two Britons hanged for treason by the Churchill Government after World War II. This rare book reprints talks broadcast from National Socialist Germany in November and December 1942. (1) 64p-sc $20

The Last Knight of Flanders Brandt—The incredible story of Remy Schrijnen and his comrades in the SS legion "Flandern" on the Eastern Front. During the battle of Narva this young Flemish volunteer—although seriously wounded—single-handedly stopped an entire Soviet armored column with his PAK, despite intensive ground fire, shelling and aerial bombardment. After the war this brave hero was branded a "war criminal" by rear-echelon Jews in U.S. uniform and subjected to the vilest abuse and mistreatment. Illus., map & index. 270p-hc $30

Lindberg: His Story in Pictures Miller—Not only was he the first man to fly across the Atlantic, but this intrepid Viking son was later to staunchly oppose efforts to involve his country in a fratricidal war in Europe—for which Political Correctness has condemned to near-oblivion. Photographic account of a genuine American hero. 318p-sc $20

The Martyrdom of William Joyce Walsh — An excellent introduction to William Joyce, the radio voice behind 'Lord Haw Haw.' This Irish patriot fearlessly extolled the virtues of National Socialism, which he saw as the key to Europe's future. The American magazine Life once observed that 50% of the British listened to his wartime broadcasts from Germany. Details his days with the British Fascists, the BUF and the National Socialist League. As compensation for his genuine love of country, he was eventually murdered at the hands of the British state.
32p-sc $10

Out Of Step Leese—The official autobiography of the leader of the pre-war Imperial Fascist League. Arnold Leese started his career as a veterinary surgeon who became a specialist in treating in camels in the Empire’s East Africa Protectorate, which later became Kenya. He served on the Western Front during World War I and in the Middle East, where he attained the rank of captain. Upon his return to England, he turned his hand to politics to become one of the most famous pre-war radical politicians, distancing himself from Oswald Mosley, accusing the British Union of Fascists of being “kosher.” 74p-sc $20

Reinhard Heydrich: the Ideal National Socialist— Translated from original SS Publications! Includes speeches given by Reinhard Heydrich, and an essay honoring him for his 40th Birthday, an essay written by Heydrich himself (The Challenges of Our Struggle), and a compilation of eulogies given at his State funeral following his assassination as deilvered by Kurt Daluege, Martin Bormann, Heinrich Himmler, and Adolf Hitler. Finally, a concise biographical sketch of Reinhard Heydirch's life, written and researched by an actual objective author. 80p-sc $10

Reinhard Heydrich Memorial Book Ulric—Originally published in 1943, this extraordinary volume has been translated into English for the very first time, with format and photographs remaining exactly the same. Detailed introduction chronicles the career of one of the most capable and effective National Socialist leaders up until his brutal murder by Allied assassins. 44p-laminated card cover/large format $25

SS Panzergrenadier Schmidt —A true story of the Second World War by first hand account both humorous and harrowing. Hans Schmidt takes a look back to his youth as he enters first in the Reich Labor Service, and then volunteers for military duty. A dramatic first-hand account of daily life in the 1st SS LAH for this remarkably typical young man, and his incredible story. Hans Schmidt is refreshingly frank about his war-time experiences, notably illustrating what did and did NOT happen as a member of this elite unit. Also follows are his reounting of captivity after the war, and the dramatic illustration of real death-camp attrocities. 407p-hc illus w/index. $60 Signed by Hans Schmidt (Author); while supplies last!

Ten Years Unknown SA-Man — Exciting, firsthand account of the National Socialist struggle in Germany as experienced by one SA man who took part. 112p-sc $10 BACK IN STOCK

Twilight Over England William Joyce — The author was an American-born member of the pre-war British Union of Fascists who defected to Germany at the beginning of World War II. He won fame as the German radio propaganda broadcaster Lord Haw-Haw, and at the height of his fame, had almost as many listeners to his broadcasts in Britain as the BBC. Captured at the end of the war, he was hanged for treason even though he had legally renounced his adopted British citizenship.108p-sc $16

What I Saw That Day Tourney—When U.S. Navy sailor Phil Tourney saw Israeli planes circling the USS Liberty on June 8, 1967, he and his crewmates thought nothing of it. The Israelis waved at the crew and the Liberty crew waved back. Liberty was a unique vessel, unlike any other in the world, with a large tower and radio dishes used for eavesdropping, so the chance it could be mistaken for an “enemy” vessel were zero. 282p-sc $30

Who Financed Hitler? Pool—Where did Hitler get his money? In this informative account we find the answer, as we meet captains of industry, White Russians and rank-and-file National Socialists, and are introduced to the mysterious Thule Society and a famous American backer. Some suprising facts. Illus. 535p-sc $40

With Hitler on the Road to Power Dietrich—First-hand account by the German press chief of events leading up to the National Socialist victory of Jan. 30, 1933. 78p-sc $14

The Young Hitler I Knew August Kubizek —The story of an extraordinary friendship by Hitler's closest childhood friend gives fascinating insight into Hitler's character during those formative years. This is the first edition published in English since 1955. It includes important sections eliminated from the original English translation, and corrects many changes made for reasons of political correctness. The book's introduction by Ian Kershaw has some gratuitous criticisms and unscholarly inferences that are easily dispelled with Kubizek's sincerity. 264p-hc $30


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