Advance to Barbarism Veale—Provacative work which traces the development of total warfare from primative savagery to the American Civil War and WWII, the most destructive conflict in history, with its show trials and barbaric treatment of a defeated enemy. 363p-sc $19

Apocalypse 1945: The Destruction of Dresden IrvingHorrifying orginal account of the most devastating air attack in history. Here is the book that first told the story of what happened to one German city in World War II. 318p-hc $45

Blitzkrieg 1940 Rutherford – The most exciting military feat in modern times was accomplished by Adolf Hitler’s armies when, in the early morning hours of May 10, 1940, screaming stukas, thousands of paratroopers and hoards of Panzer divisions descended on Holland and Belgium in the first wave of attacks which swept through western Europe in six weeks! The story of this brilliant campaign which concluded June 22, 1940 is told by one of Britain’s best historians, with many great photos. 192p-hc $25

The Brainwashing of the German Nation Walendy—Honest historians can be dangerous. And for their honesty they sometimes go to jail. That has been the fate of the dissident author of this booklet, who has on more than one occasion been imprisoned for his conclusions. His crime: Refusal to accept the wartime lies of the Allies and the current German puppet regime they created. Here Walendy describes the “legal” basis for present-day German law, imposed on a defeated people, stripped of their history, their identity and their rights and systematically brainwashed by their conquerors. 64p-sc $12

Churchill’s War (Vol. 2) Irving – This volume covers the middle years of World War II. It was made possible by the release of thousands of once-secret files. At the author’s request both the Major and Blair governments opened previously sealed files. A fuller picture of Churchill can now be seen. It is one that is often attractive, but also often unpalatable: he often willingly fomented and prolonged the war against Hitler, not in pursuit of any fundamental British interest, but to acquire, consolidate and enjoy power after the years he spent in poverty in the political wilderness. 1050p-hc $50

Crimes and Mercies: The Fate of German Civilians Under Allied Occupation Bacque—This book exposes the Allies’ hypocrisy regarding the Geneva Convention, genocide, racism, and the starvation, persecution and cruel expulsion of 12-15 million ethnic Germans at the end of World War II. Find out who planned this revenge against the German people and why, in this gripping account of the worst holocaust the Western world has ever known. Includes many never-before-seen photographs. 288p-sc $20

An Eye for an Eye Sack—Tells the shocking, little-known story of how after the “liberation” of concentration camps in Eastern Europe, Jews imprisoned 200,000 German women and children. Within a few months, 80,000 died—a real crime against humanity. 280p-sc $16

The German Fallschirmjäger in World War II Piehl—German paratroopers did the impossible: e.g., seizure of the "impregnable" Eban Emael fortress during the 1940 Western Campaign; the airborne invasion of Crete—a miltary first; and the iron defense of Italy's Monte Cassino against overwhelming odds. Here is their story in pictures 90p-hc $25

The Great Tragedy: Germany’s Declaration of War against America Adolf Hitler’s December 11, 1941 speech to the Reichstag, delivered just hours after a formal declaration of war had been delivered to the U.S. ambassador in Berlin, marked a decisive turning point in the global tragedy of World War II. This speech was more than just a declaration of war: it is an 88 minute personally written explanation by Hitler of the origin of the war, the background to the outbreak of the war in Poland, its subsequent dramatic developments, why he decided to attack the Soviet Union in June 1941, President Franklin Roosevelt’s hostile policies toward Germany, a short overview of Germany’s place in the struggle for all of Europe, and finally his earnest desire for peace at any cost. The day after this speech was delivered, a highly inaccurate an edited version appeared in American newspapers. This is the first complete and accurate translation of this massively historical speech, and provides a feast for historians of that great, and awful, conflict. 41p-sc $12

Gruesome Harvest Keeling—Detailed exposé of the costly attempt to exterminate the people of Germany after World War II, which resulted in untold suffering and death of millions. 140p-sc $14

A History of the Panzer Troops 1916-1945 Haupt —Detailed, chronological history of the German Panzer Corps and its role in modern warfare, with photos, charts,maps and valuable documentation. Some gratuitous bias. 206p-hc/large format $25

Hitler's Last Bastion Kurowski—The last days of WWII saw desperate battles at such places as Königsberg, Breslau, Kolberg, Danzig and Posen, where war-weary German units fought to the last round—saving hundreds of thousands of women and children and making possible the evacuation hospitals and female auxilliaries. Shocking, apocalyptic scenes as these brave bastions held out against the onrushing enemy—in bunkers, caves, tunnels and fields of rubble—as well as Berlin streets. Illus. 279p-hc $35

Hitler's Military Headquarters Johnson—This volume is a treasure trove of photographs depicting Hitler's various headquarters during WWII: Alderhorst, Felsennest, Wolfsschlucht, Tannenberg, Berghof, Fruhlingssturm, Wolfsschanze, Wherwolf, Wiesenthal, and the Berlin Reichs Chancellery. In addition to many previously unpublished photos and maps, details concerning his movements during the war, the composition of the headquarters, guards, and staff are also covered. 240p-hc $30

IN PERFECT FORMATION: SS Ideology and the SS-Junkerschule-Tölz Hatheway—offers a unique insight into the ideology and institution that defined the education and training of the SS officer corps. Based on extensive references to original source material and over 90 previously unpublished photos from the officer training academy at Bad Tölz Junkerschule, itself a metaphor for the creation of a racially pure vanguard to lead Germany on its path toward Teutonic regeneration. (1) 160p-hc $30

John Amery - In His Own Words John Amery — Seven talks by John Amery, one of two Britons hanged for treason by the Churchill Government after World War II. This rare book reprints talks broadcast from National Socialist Germany in November and December 1942. (1) 64p-sc $20

Knights Cross Holders of the Fallschirmjäger Kurowski—Here are the toughest paratroopers in the world. Each recipient is presented with a personal photograph and a capsule biography, including date of birth, awarding of the various Knight's Corss grades, and other particulars as to rank, career and distinction. Illus. 279p-hc $25

Not Guilty at Nuremburg Porter—The German defense case against trumped-up charges in the notorious show trial of National Socialist Germany's former leaders after World War II. Illus. 23p-sc $12

Other Losses James Bacque — Blockbuster investigation into the mass murder of a million disarmed German soldiers and civilians at the hands of the French and Americans after WWII. Find out what kind of man Dwight David Eisenhower really was. Illus. & maps. 305p-sc $25

Stalin's War of Extermination Hoffman—"Stalin conceived and accomplished his war against the German Reich as an extermination war of conquest. To this end, Hoffman furnishes overwhelmin data from Geman and Soviet archives." --Berliner Morgenpost, Oct. 10, 1995

After the fall of the Iron Curtain, more material became available from the archives that were once inaccessible. An extensive and exhaustive research through them reveals the little known facts about the conduct and ambitions of the Soviet Army in their war againt Germany. Here is a shocking exposé that is sure to have a resounding impact in the study of the Second World War, and those who really suffered. 415p-hc $40

Truth and Justice versus Lies and Hatred Juchem—Germany's fate from a German perspective, this pamphlet explains the roots for the hatred cast onto the Europeans, and how they lied to continue war upon them. Wolfgang Juchem touches on the terrible results from the Treaty of Versailles, and the great German resurgence after 1933, he also touches briefly on wartime events, as well as a section with very useful questions regarding the holocaust. 51p-sc $6

Truth for Germany Udo Walendy — A new edition and retranslation into readable English—those acquainted with the previous edition will appreciate the endeavor. Hitler did not want war! But—who did? Aptly demonstrated and factually proven with copious references to archival documents on the foreign policies of the Great Powers before September 1939 from London, Paris, Washington, Moscow, Warsaw, Prague and Berlin, the hypothesis of German’s Guilt for the Second World War is demolished. Future historical research could, if need be, amplify the facts compiled in this book, but it can no longer prove them non-existent. Twice placed on the Index of Forbidden Books in Germany, the order was revoked in 1996. Propaganda Agitation used as psychological warfare and the historical facts presented to the reader are still as disturbingly valid today as then. 32 maps. 500p-sc $40

Twilight Over England William Joyce — The author was an American-born member of the pre-war British Union of Fascists who defected to Germany at the beginning of World War II. He won fame as the German radio propaganda broadcaster Lord Haw-Haw, and at the height of his fame, had almost as many listeners to his broadcasts in Britain as the BBC. Captured at the end of the war, he was hanged for treason even though he had legally renounced his adopted British citizenship.108p-sc $16

Uncovering the Forces for War Grieb—In this concise, carefully documented volume, a distinguished historical examiner reveals who started the Second World War and why. A useful handbook. 110p-sc $14

Witness To History Walsh—An important overview of of the events surrounding the rise to prominence of the Third Reich in Europe and the plots to thwart and undermine Germany's independence which finally resulted in WW2, and the real war crimes that followed Germany's unconditional surrender. A brilliant compendium; well researched with an extensive bibliography. A must read. 61p-sc $12


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