Berchtesgaden: History, Customs, Country and People, National Park—Handsome presentation album of one of the most beautiful and breathtaking spots on earth. Lavished with magnificent color photography, illustrations and maps, plus reference black/white prints and explanatory text. Perfect as a present for the pilgrim, as well as for those who seek vicarious enjoyment in the same scenery the Führer loved so much. 180p-hc $30

Berchtesgaden and Its Points of Interest—Spectacular view of one of the most beautiful places on earth, the place where Adolf Hitler chose to make his home. Chock full of black/white and color photos, plus a detachable 31-inch color panorama of this breathtaking region. If you are considering a pilgrimage tour to Germany, this spectacular pictorial guide is for you. 88p-sc/large format. SPECIAL IMPORT $25

Dein KdF Wagen—"Your KdF Car." Adolf Hitler loved the people, and he wanted them to have means of cheap, reliable transportation. The result was this popular, little automobile—which we know today as the Volkswagen. Here in this facsimilie of the Third Reich edition is the story of the origin of "the Bug." A collecter's treasure. German text with English translation. Illus. 34p-sc/large format $25

German Print Advertising 1933-1945 Cowdery & Cowdery—This fascinating and beautifully illustrated book gives a fresh insight into everyday life in the Third Reich. Four hundred advertisements, 95 in full color, are photographically reproduced, each with explanatory notes. Advertisements cover a wide range of items: cars, clothes, art, rifles, etc. Illus. 174p-hc $40

Germany’s Hitler: The Only Authorized Biography Heinz — One of the most suppressed English-language books ever to emerge from Germany: the 1938 authorized biography of Adolf Hitler. The professional journalist author interviewed Hitler’s old school friends, army colleagues, landlords, his jailer, and early party comrades to provide an unprecedented insight into the German leader’s background and prewar policies. Included are vivid and unique descriptions of Hitler at school, his First World War battlefield experiences, early politics, the amazing truth behind the November 9th Putsch, Hitler in prison, and the struggle to power from 1926 to 1933. It ends just after the Austrian Anschluss and the end of the Czech/Sudeten crisis. This book was the foremost Hitler myth-buster of its day, and is full of personal and political insights. 234p-sc $20

German Youth in a Changing World—Third Reich booklet about the role of young people in National Socialist Germany, and in the Hitler Youth in particular. Instructive reading for anyone genuinely concerned about today's alienated youth. Illus. 47p-sc $16

Contains two speeches given by Dr Goebbels at the National Socalist Party Congresses in 1935 and 1936: Communism with the Mask Off and Bolshevism in Theory and Practice. 51p-sc $14

The Good Society Koehl — This illustrated booklet — based on a 2005 classroom presentation to Ohio high school students — is more relevant than ever at a time of economic and social uncertainty, when politicians are unable to offer more than stale rhetoric and empty promises. Here is a glimpse at National Socialist Germany, a society that actually delivered on its promises, starting with a real economic stimulus package that did not entail debt or war! Here in this handy, easy-to-read summary is a description of a model Aryan society, one whose incredible success began to attract decent, honest people everywhere. By showing the undeniably positive aspects of National Socialism under Adolf Hitler, The Good Society invites comparison with what we have — and don’t have — today. This is the perfect eye-opener to introduce people to a unique period in modern history, as well as to the Movement which continues to uphold its principles and the eternal truths upon which it is based. Illus. 24p-sc $8

Hitler's Alpine Retreat Wilson — Hitler's Alpine Retreat offers an extraordinary atmospheric opportunity to view the landscape, buildings (mostly now long disappeared) and close associates of the Führer. Each of the superb contemporary images records a unique moment of history which would otherwise have been lost forever. Illus. 224p-hc $35

Hitler's Military Headquarters Johnson—This volume is a treasure trove of photographs depicting Hitler's various headquarters during WWII: Alderhorst, Felsennest, Wolfsschlucht, Tannenberg, Berghof, Fruhlingssturm, Wolfsschanze, Wherwolf, Wiesenthal, and the Berlin Reichs Chancellery. In addition to many previously unpublished photos and maps, details concerning his movements during the war, the composition of the headquarters, guards, and staff are also covered. 240p-hc $30

The Illustrated Guide to Adolf Hitler and the Third Reich Stephen Goodson —This lavishly illustrated oversized guide with accompanying text gives readers some insight into the real Adolf Hitler, without the obligatory establishment smears. This book is a great introduction to the tragic—yet inspiring—life of Hitler and the Third Reich. 40p-sc $20

IN PERFECT FORMATION: SS Ideology and the SS-Junkerschule-Tölz Hatheway—offers a unique insight into the ideology and institution that defined the education and training of the SS officer corps. Based on extensive references to original source material and over 90 previously unpublished photos from the officer training academy at Bad Tölz Junkerschule, itself a metaphor for the creation of a racially pure vanguard to lead Germany on its path toward Teutonic regeneration. 160p-hc $30

Into the Darkness Stoddard—An inside view of wartime Germany, written by the last American newspaper correspondent to visit the country and interview Hitler after the outbreak of hostilities. Contains glimpses of life in the Third Reich, including the Hitler Youth, the Labor Service, and the women's organization, as well as the national health, eugenics and family-farm programs under National Socialism. 320p-sc $18; hc $25

The Nazi War on Cancer Proctor—An incredible dissertation written by an unsympathetic observer; but reveals irrefutable truth that National Socialist Germany was several decades ahead of the rest of the world in promoting health reforms that are today regarded as socially responsible and progressive; including anti-smoking campaigns, regulations and restrictions on asbestos, pesticides, and food dyes. National Socialism's forward looking health-awarness promoted the ideal of a physically and socially healthy German nation. Illustrations, footnotes and index. 380p-sc $30

The New German Reichschancellery in Berlin 1938-1945 Cowdery—The most remarkable government structure ever built in Germany was obliterated by the Communists less than 76 months after it was completed. Why? This book is the most comprehensive examination of Adolf Hitler's New Reichschancellery ever published in the English language. Includes fold-out architectural drawings. Lavishly illustrated. 130p-hc/deluxe binding $40

Obersalzberg and the Third Reich—Offers rare photos of Hitler’s mountain retreat. Loads of black/white and color prints, diagrams and drawings. The Berghof, the Eagle’s Nest, the underground bunker system—it’s all here. 88p-sc/large format. SPECIAL IMPORT $25

Witness To History Walsh—An important overview of of the events surrounding the rise to prominence of the Third Reich in Europe and the plots to thwart and undermine Germany's independence which finally resulted in WW2, and the real war crimes that followed Germany's unconditional surrender. A brilliant compendium; well researched with an extensive bibliography. A must read. 61p-sc $14


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