Ancient Eugenics Roper—The ancients knew something that modern man has forgotten: that all human advancement depends on good breeding. They also knew that the race can either breed up (eugenics) or down (dysgenics). Whereas modern society has placed a premium on the deformed, the defective and inferior at the expense of the productive, ancient Greece and Rome opted for a different policy by wisely eliminating the unfit at birth. As long as they kept to the path, they prospered and made progress; when they abandoned it; they declined and fell. 76p-hc $20 sc $12

The Biology of the Race Problem by Prof. W.C. George. — Commissioned by the Governor of Alabama in 1962, this seminal work on the reality of racial differences remains one of the most concise works on the topic. Also contains an appendix detailing the lies and subversion spread by the Jewish anthropologist Franz Boas who started the “environmental” school of anthropology 73p-sc $12

Conquest of a Continent Grant (1865-1937) - Was one of America’s most influential racial thinkers. This work outlines the racial antecedents of the European people who originally settled and tamed America. 252p-hc $34 sc $24

Essays in Eugenics Francis Galton — Reprint of the original epoch-breaking 1909 publication by one of the greatest scholars of modern times. Francis Galton was not only a pioneer of climatology, demography, and statistics, but also the founder of modern eugenic thought. These essays summarize his conclusions as to he importance of heredity and the need for eugenic measures to counteract the dysgenic influences, which were already in his time beginning to affect the more advanced nations of the world. Gain new insight into today’s social challenges. 109p-sc $18

Family, Kin and City-State: The Racial Underpinning of Ancient Greece and Rome By Fustel de Coulanges, edited & revised by J. W. Jamieson It was not the sky gods but a consciousness of the importance of heredity and a devotion to the Family and Kindred that provided the basis of the social and political organization of ancient Greece and Rome.
Early Greek and Roman society was organized around the family and the kinship group. Citizenship was determined by birth, and aliens were not only barred from acquiring any political rights and the ownership of property but even from residence within the city except as slaves or bonded clients. Indeed, even the sky gods were personal to kinship groups, and of less significance than the Lars and Penates, the ancestral spirits and gods of the family hearth.
Chapters include: The Importance of the Lineage; The Sacred Hearth Fire; Marriage and Procreation; Kinship and Property; Moral Law; Gens, Phratry, Tribe and Nation; The Domestic Religion as the Moral Foundation of the Ancient City-State.108p-sc $20

The French Revolution in San Domingo Stoddard—Graphic account of the 1789 black uprising in Haiti and the bloody butchering of the island's white population. Gives harrowing descriptions of black attrocities and shows the treacherous role played by white liberals, as a once prosperous French colony was transformed into the AIDS-ridden basket case of the Western Hemisphere, which is Haiti today. 410p-sc $20

The Importance of Race in Civilization Wayne Macleod — While there is an array of literature and opinions presented in everything from the press to scholarly thick volumes to confirm the notion that racism is primitive, unsophisticated, and has no place in the modern world, the author disproves these notions, and shows that they are based on nothing more than emotional sentimentalism, supported by distorted facts that have no meaning to a logical mind. He makes the case that the peoples which have saved themselves from extreme out-breeding—the Germanic Caucasians, the Chinese, the Japanese—are the ones which aspire to greatness. 90p-sc $15

The Inequality of the Human Races Count Arthur de Gobineau. – The classic study of racial variation and its effect on human societies which pioneered modern racial science. Recognizing that both strong and weak races exist, the author preferred to examine the former, to analyze their qualities, and follow them back to their origins. 214p-sc $20

IQ and Race: The Complete Overview —The April 2012 discovery by an international team of scientists of the gene HMGA2 which determines brain size and intelligence, has firmly established the supremacy of the “nature” or racial-determinant view of intelligence and achievement over the leftist “nurture” argument. This book reviews and summarizes all the major and influential works on IQ and race published since 1980. Starting with the full text of Professor Henry Garret’s classic IQ and Racial Differences, the remainder of the book is given over to summaries of: Harvard psychologist Richard J. Herrnstein and Charles Murray’s bestseller The Bell Curve; Professors J. Phillipe Rushton and Arthur Jensen’s ground-breaking "Thirty Years of Research on Race Differences in Cognitive Ability" as published by the American Psychological Association; —Professor Rushton’s book Race, Evolution and Behavior; - Professors Richard Lynn and Tatu Vanhanen’s IQ and the Wealth of Nations with its global IQ charts; and full details of the 2012 HMGA2 gene discovery report. If you want a simple to read, easy, concise and up-to-date summary of all the scientific evidence about race and IQ, then this is the book for you. 86p-sc $12

IQ and Racial Differences Garrett—Compares the mental capacities of blacks and whites. Basic intelligence. Charts & graphs 58p-sc $12

March of the Titans: A History of the White Race (Vol. I) Kemp — Here in one volume is the complete, unabridged story of the white race spanning 35,000 years, from the emergence of the earliest white racial type to a look into the future. From the mists of time to the present day, the trials, tribulations, terrible tragedies and great triumphs of the white race are all here, age by age, country by country. This indispensable title is a must for anyone concerned about the future of his race.
Finally Back in Stock!!
592p-sc $40

Merrie England 2000 Jordan—Where is Political Correctness taking us? A veteran British National Socialist gives us a good idea in this fictional account of the bizarre shape of things to come — based on a projection of current trends as he introduces us to a nightmarish, Orwellian world in which the minds of young Aryan Women are systematically raped and destroyed. A disturbing look into the future. 40p-sc $12

The Nordic Face: A Glimpse of Iron Age Scandinavia The Nordic Face: A Glimpse of Iron Age Scandinavia Jamieson—A concise anthropological description and summary of the early history of the Nordic peoples of Scandinavia and Northern Germany who inhabited those regions continuously since at least the Bronze Age. This small booklet includes maps showing their original location and subsequent Iron Age movement into the British Isles, France, Northern Italy and other European countries. Contains 21 illustrations of contemporary North Europeans illustrating the characteristic facial appearance of the Nordic peoples of Northern Europe. 36p-sc $8

The Passing of the Great Race Grant — This 1916 book established Yale and Columbia graduate Madison Grant (1865-1937) as an authority in racial thought. Its success laid the groundwork for the emerging science of eugenics, and was widely read by US presidents, scientists and became a popular best-seller in its day. It was a call to American whites to counter the dangers both from non-white and non-North Western European immigration. This hand-edited reproduction contains the complete original text, tables and maps, and a short note pointing out the modern corrections which are necessary to bring this book up to date. 148p-sc $20 hc $30

The Philosophy of Count de Gobineau Spring—Valuable introduction to the life, work and worldview of an important contributor to modern racial thought. Contains selections from many of Gobineau's writings to give a comprehensive overview to his thinking, including some excerpts in the original French. 303p-sc $25

Race in Ancient Egypt and the Old Testament Sayce & Peterson—This scholarly work by two distinguished anthropologists demolishes the Politically Correct nonesense that the ancient Egyptians were Negroes. Racial characteristics of the Philistines, Libyans, Nubians, Canaanites, Amorites, Hebrews and others are described in this detailed ethnological survey of the ancient Middle East. Maps & illus. 144p-sc $20

Race, Intelligence and Bias in Academe Pearson—Brilliant exposé of the rank of hypocrisy of egalitarian pseudo-science in Western colleges and universities. Shows liberal democratic free inquiry as it really is. Includes an introduction by the behavioral investigator Hans Eysenck. 359p-sc $25

Racial Realities in Europe Stoddard—DNA map of Europe Appendix by Arthur Kemp. The greatest obstacle to a clear understanding of Europe is the result of a very fundamental misconception. We think of Europe in units of nations, and of those nations as homogenous, and we take to little account of race and race mixtures. That we cannot understand Europe until we know and thoroughly comprehend its racial background is the basis of this absorbing book. It begins with a clear account of the distinction of the various white races in Europe, before moving onto a study of the racial composition of the individual countries, which provides an explanation of their policies. 200p-sc $17 hc $30

The Sage of San Diego Dagliesh—A highly stimulating discussion of the negative effects of egalitarian religious superstitions on the health and survival of our race. Contains interesting examination of the chain of life, Judaism as an evolutionary strategy, dysgenics and the various imminent threats to racial ecology and more. The only weakness in this otherwise brilliant study is its religious attachment to the Humanist-Rationalist faith of the late 18th century. 100p-sc $12

Some Thoughts on the Formation of an Aryan American Folk Martin Kerr — A contribution to contemporary National Socialist thought from a leading American writer. Special emphasis is given to the volkisch concept and the need for a folk community. 31p-sc $8

SS Mann und Blutsfrage (SS Man and the Question of blood)—Special publication on applied racial biology for the SS leadership. Photos, maps & charts. German text. 63p-sc $10

SS Man, Be Fruitful! A new edition of the original SS booklet Sieg der Waffe – Sieg des Kindes, in English and German. 76p-sc $10

SS Race Theory and Mate Selection Guidelines—A clear and concise treatment of basic SS race theory. Subject include race and folk, Nordics and other white subraces, survival of the fittest and evolution, fertility and perpetuation of the species, war and reverse selection, and population growth and living space-as well as a section on the selection of a mate. From the original SS book Glauben und Kampfen. Illus. 48p-sc $10

The Unlifted Curse Burke—Ever since the first Negroes were brought to America, this land has been under a curse. That is the message of this historical novel, which centers on a Southern racial fellowship and events of the Civil War period, when integrationists backed by Federal bayonets first sought to impose minority rule on the white people of the South. Reads like a script for a wide-screen movie. 560p-hc $60 signed by author!

Uprising! Jordan—In this stirring sequel to Merry England 2000, a veteran British racialist dissident tells the exciting story of a fictional underground force which rises in revolt against a decadent and degenerate multi-racial system, in a struggle which culminates in the overthrow of the regime and the establishment of a new, resurgent, WHITE order in Britain. 116p-sc $18

Why Civilizations Self Destruct—Pendell This book's basic thesis is that civilaztions fall because the less-capable part of the population outbreeds the more capable. Institutions and ideologies (e.g. judeo-christianity) which permit the unfit to survive and breed at the expense of healthier elements bring about the desctruction of a society. 176p-sc $20

You and Your Folk Translated from the Third Reich original Du und Dein Volk. Given to German boys and Girls when they finished basic school, this booklet summarizes basic concepts such as folk, fatherland, Reich, race, duty, comradeship and patriotism. Most of all it encourages them to become productive members of the folk community, parents of healthy families and devote their life energy to Germany. Inspirational examples throughout history and quotations from German literature reinforce the central ideas. Absolutely essential reading for all responsible parents. 52p-sc $10

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