1066: The Year of Conquest Howarth—Excellent portrait of the 11th century Anglo-Saxon England showing the lives, manners and attitudes of its folk. Meet the principle players: dying King Edward, Harold Godwinson, his brother Earl Tostig, famed warrior-king Harald the Ruthless of Norway, and Duke William of Normandy. Battles of Stamford Bridge and Hastings are carefully analyzed. Maps. (1)  207p-sc $15

Arthur's Britain Alcock—Comprehensive picture of the reign and times of the semi-legendary King Arthur and of the enchanting world that produced Camelot and its culture. Illus. 415p-sc $20

The Aryan Household: The Social, Political and religious beliefs of the ancient Aryans: Volume one, by Dr. William Edward Heard —vol.I (University Melbourne, Australia) A Classic Reprint based on historical documents. NOT a contemporary study. Vol I: Chapters I - X Archaic Worship, the House Spirit, ancestral spirits, marriage, children and inheritance, familial duties, the genetic base of society and loyalty to kinsmen, custom and law and the comitatus. 258p-sc $20

The Aryan Household: The Social, Political and religious beliefs of the ancient Aryans: Volume two, by Dr. William Edward Heard —Vol II: Chapters XI to XX the clan, the nation and national defense, the status of slaves and other aliens, religious and political institutions, the relation of individuals to the family state, property and the national territory. Decay of Aryan traditional system and its replacement by modern society. Index to both volumes. Not a contemporary study. 234p-sc $20

The Aryan Race By Dr. Charles MorrisA classic reprint of an historic nineteenth century study of the "Aryans" of Indo-Europeans, which traces their migrations and conquests, identifies their early racial origins. First ten chapters only of the original work is not included. (1) 258p-sc $20

Atlas of Ancient History McEvedy—Valuable guide to understanding the European origins of our race. Maps. (1) 96p-sc $15

Atlas of Modern History McEvedy—An outline of European History from 1483 to 1815. Events include: the Reformation, Thirty Years' War, French Revolution, Napoleonic Wars, voyages and discoveries of explorers Columbus, Cook, and Magellan and the expansion of Europeans into the New World. Detailed maps and text (1) 96p-sc $15 LAST COPY IN STOCK /

Atlas of Prehistoric Britain Manley—The prehistoric past of the British Isles comes alive in this highly informative and richly illustrated account of ancient Britain and Ireland, from the earliest hunter-gatherers to the sophisticated society that the Romans encountered on their invasion of Britain in 43 AD. Lavished with maps, site plans and drawings, as well as superb b/w and color photography 160p-hc/oversize Pub. $39.95 Our price $30

The Death of King Arthur tr. Cable—The great medieval French epic of chivalry, La Mort le Roi Artu. It is the story of the illicit love of the invincible Lancelot and the beautiful Queen Guenivere, of the last days of the Round Table, the treachery of foul Mordred, and of the destruction of Camelot and the Kingdom of logres. 235p-sc $10

The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire (abridged) Gibbon—As we witness the decline of Western civilization, this monumental classic assumes new relevance. For with his brilliant description of the downfall of Roman civilization, Gibbon has given us an instructive paradigm of our modern condition, one which must be understood if we are to successfully confront and master our dilemmas. Map. (1) 693pp-sc $15

The Earliest English Poems—Best of the Old English poetry, with its epic eloquence and sober intensity, translated into modern verse that retains the qualities of Anglo-Saxon meter and alliteration favored by earlier generation of Germanic peoples. 160p-sc $10 LAST COPY IN STOCK

Fall of the Roman Republic: Six Lives Plutarch—The lives of Marius, Sulla, Crassus, Pompey, Caesar and Cicero, which encompass that long and bloody period of forgein and civil war marking the collapse of the Roman Republic. A study of political virtue and vice.(1)  361p-sc $13

Family, Kin and City-State: The Racial Underpinning of Ancient Greece and Rome By Fustel de Coulanges, edited & revised by J. W. Jamieson It was not the sky gods but a consciousness of the importance of heredity and a devotion to the Family and Kindred that provided the basis of the social and political organization of ancient Greece and Rome. Early Greek and Roman society was organized around the family and the kinship group. Citizenship was determined by birth, and aliens were not only barred from acquiring any political rights and the ownership of property but even from residence within the city except as slaves or bonded clients. Indeed, even the sky gods were personal to kinship groups, and of less significance than the Lars and Penates, the ancestral spirits and gods of the family hearth.
Chapters include: The Importance of the Lineage; The Sacred Hearth Fire; Marriage and Procreation; Kinship and Property; Moral Law; Gens, Phratry, Tribe and Nation; The Domestic Religion as the Moral Foundation of the Ancient City-State.108p-sc $20

The Histories Herodotus—A lively account of the ancient Greeks by the greatest Hellenic historian. Details the heroic struggle of the Greeks agaisnt the threat of Persian conquest in the 5th century BC, including the battles of Marathon, Thermoplylae and Salamis. (1) 653p-sc $20

History of Greece Burn—Fascinating, compact introduction to one of the world's greatest civilizations and the people who built it, from prehistory through eclipse by Rome. Covers Mycenaean civilization, the Dorian invasion and Trojan War, Sparta and Athens, the Persian and Pelopennesians Wars, Alexander's conquests; Homer, Pericles and Aristotle. Maps and fold-out chronological charts 415p-sc $20

History of the Peloponnesian War Thucydides—A contemporary account of the life-and-death struggle between Athens and Sparta, written 400 years before the birth of Christ by an Athenian who himself was a general in the early stages of the war. Maps. 648p-sc $20

The Indo-Europeans Jean Haudry — A modern text discussing the language, culture, racial and geographical origins of the early Indo-Europeans. Chapters include: World Vision: Language and Mentality, The Individual, the Group and the Universe; the Community: the People, the King, Duties Toward the Community; Religion: General Characteristics of Indo-European religions, The Gods of the Universe, Rites and Gods of the Four Circles of Social Attachment. The Gods of the Three Functions, From Gods to Heroes, Twilight of the Gods; Institutions; The Indo-European Legal Heritage, Law and Religion, Lineage and the Law; The Law and the Three other Circles; War; Production and Reproduction; Geographical origin of the Indo-Europeans. 165p-sc $20

In Search of the Indo-Europeans Mallory—Scholarly inquiry into the geographical, linguistic, racial and cultural roots of the Aryan peoples. Examining clues from language, archeology and myths, it traces the origins, relationships and migrations of Germanic, Celtic, Slavic, Baltic, Greek, Italic and other groups in prehistoric times. Indispensible, despite some mandatory bias. 175 photos, maps & diagrams. (1) 288p-sc $30

Invasion of Europe by the Barbarians Bury—Called barbarians, they were actually Germans seeking living space. In this captivating summary the author describes their ealy history, their migrations from Scandinavia and Northern Germany, and their assault on a decadent Roman Empire, which led to the formation of the modern European states. 296p-sc $20

Makers of Rome Plutarch—The lives of nine leading Romans of the Republican era, from Coriolanus and the conservative Cato to Tiberius, Brutus and Mark Antony. These men typified the courage and tenacity of the Romans in war and their genius for statecraft. Maps. 366p-sc $14

The Nordic Face: A Glimpse of Iron Age Scandinavia The Nordic Face: A Glimpse of Iron Age Scandinavia Jamieson—A concise anthropological description and summary of the early history of the Nordic peoples of Scandinavia and Northern Germany who inhabited those regions continuously since at least the Bronze Age. This small booklet includes maps showing their original location and subsequent Iron Age movement into the British Isles, France, Northern Italy and other European countries. Contains 21 illustrations of contemporary North Europeans illustrating the characteristic facial appearance of the Nordic peoples of Northern Europe. 36p-sc $8

Old English and its Closest Relatives Robinson—This introductory survey of the earliest Germanic languages provides an invaluable, easy-to-grasp backdrop for understanding the interrelationship and common heritage of the Northern European peoples—Goths, Norse, Saxons, English, Frisians, Franks, Germans, and others. Comparative texts & word-lists in those languages, plus maps, diagrams & runes. 290p-sc $20

Origins of the English Nation Chadwick—Fascinating work by a Cambridge scholar, based on earliest records of the Saxons, Angles, Jutes and other Germanic settlers of Britian. These people are studied both in their continental homelands as well as during and after their invasion of Britian. Much detail on the early Germanic kingdoms in Britain from the 6th, 7th, and 8th centuries. Maps. 233p-hc $26 sc $18

The Rise and Fall of Athens: Nine Greek Lives Plutarch—Nine biographies, from the days of Theseus, the legendary founder of Athens, to the age of Pericles and the razing of Athens' city walls by Lysander the Spartan. Excellent picture of ancient Greek times. Maps. 318p-sc $16

The Story of the Viking Coloring Book Smith—Great way for young folk to learn racial history as they fill in the pictures 48p-sc $10

The Tarim Mummies: Ancient China and the Mystery of the Earliest Peoples from the West J. P. Mallory,Victor H. MairThe best-preserved mummies in the world are not found in Egypt or Peru but in the museums of Xinjiang, the westernmost province of modern China. 190 illustrations, 13 in colour 352p-sc $30

The Teuton and the Roman Kingsley—Lecture by a renowned scholar describing the decadence of latter-day, multicultural Rome and the Germanic peoples who eventually conquered it. Not only does he point to the decadence of the Romans, but also to a fatal flaw of the Germans—their lack of racial loyalty, which allowed their enemies to set them against one another. Maps. 122p-sc $18

Viking Age England Richards—From about AD 800 to the Norman Conquest, the Vikings came to England and the Isle of Man not only to pillage but also to settle. Recent archeological excavations shed new light on Viking contributions to agriculture, architecture, trade, art, arms and religion of late Saxon England, which is presented in this comprehensive survey. Nearly 100 maps, plans, reconstructions, and b/w & color illustrations. 144p-hc Pub. $24.95 OUR PRICE $20

The World of the Scythians Rolle—Their motto was simple: "Tell the truth and shoot straight." To the ancient Greeks, these fearless warriors of the Ukranian steppe were barbarians with bloodthirsty customs. To their neighbors, the Achaemenid Persians, they were feared for their fighting prowess. This rare study dispenses with all the myths, as it discusses the economy, religion and culture of an Aryan people with unusual artistic sensitivity, as revealed in its exquisite metalworking and design. 100 b/w & color photographs. Diagrams & maps. Translated from the German. (8 1/2 x 11") IMPORT (1) 141p-hc $40

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