Adolf Hitler: German Nationalist or Aryan Racialist? Koehl—The first serious treatment of the Leader's pan-racial ideas and policies. Discloses a wider dimension in Hitler's thinking. 32p-sc $12

Adolf Hitler Zitate—Adolf Hitler Quotations in German 60p-sc $10

Angriff auf die NS Weltanschauung by Dieter Schwarz —A reply to attacks on the National Socialist worldview. Facsimile of 1936 edition.
German text. 47p-sc $14

Faith of the Future Koehl—With its prohetic vision of Adolf Hitler as archetype of a new age, this powerful testament establishes the ideological, spiritual and historical premises of the contemporary National Socialist movement and its mission. Here is the key. 32p-sc $14

Von der Freiheit des Kriegers by Kurt Eggers — (Freedom of the Warrior) A National Socialist philosopher-poet, who fell in 1943 as an SS volunteer on the Eastern Front, portrays the Germanic warrior attitude. Reprint of the WWII German original. 64p-sc $14

German Youth in a Changing World—Third Reich booklet about the role of young people in National Socialist Germany, and in the Hitler Youth in particular. Instructive reading for anyone genuinely concerned about today's alienated youth. Illus. 47p-sc $16

Contains two speeches given by Dr Goebbels at the National Socalist Party Congresses in 1935 and 1936: Communism with the Mask Off and Bolshevism in Theory and Practice. 51p-sc $14

The Good Society Koehl — This illustrated booklet — based on a 2005 classroom presentation to Ohio high school students — is more relevant than ever at a time of economic and social uncertainty, when politicians are unable to offer more than stale rhetoric and empty promises. Here is a glimpse at National Socialist Germany, a society that actually delivered on its promises, starting with a real economic stimulus package that did not entail debt or war! Here in this handy, easy-to-read summary is a description of a model Aryan society, one whose incredible success began to attract decent, honest people everywhere. By showing the undeniably positive aspects of National Socialism under Adolf Hitler, The Good Society invites comparison with what we have — and don’t have — today. This is the perfect eye-opener to introduce people to a unique period in modern history, as well as to the Movement which continues to uphold its principles and the eternal truths upon which it is based. Illus. 24p-sc $10

The Lehrplan—This translation of an original SS training manual shows how National Socialist doctrine was presented to its elite representatives. Three parts treat the history and principles of the SS, Europe and the Reich, and the life and significance of the Führer. Essential for every serious historian and student of National Socialism. Illus. 89p-sc $16

Lightning and the Sun Devi—The renowned post-war National Socialist champion, Savitri Devi, in her remarkble work which first appeared in abbreviated form in the National Socialist World (Spring 1966), is finally available in its entirety. In this book she illustrates how history occurs in cycles, and great men of respective ages imprint each era. Herein lies the esoteric hypothesis that Pharoh Akhnaton, Gengis Khan, and Adolf Hitler were builders and Leaders, but in the case of Adolf Hitler, there was even a deeper significance to his underlying ideals for Aryan mankind. He was a Leader in touch with the eternal truths of the guiding forces of the Universe. A splendid insight 200p-sc $ 20

Mein Kampf Hitler—The Bible of National Socialism. Contains the explicit and implicit truths of a New Order. A must for every National Socialist library. Fundamental. 694p-hc/sc $40/$25

Mein Kampf Hitler—Special Centennial edition in German. Clothbound version is a collector's item. 728p-sc $50

Myth of the Twentieth Century Rosenberg — A must have compendium to Mein Kampf. Alfred Rosenberg became National Socialism's leading ideologist, a role given official recognition by Adolf Hitler in 1934. The author of numerous political and philosophical writings besides The Myth of The Twentieth Century, Rosenberg was an uncompromising foe to every tendency — whether racial, religious, political, or philosophical — which he judged to be alien or opposed to the Nordic, Germanic soul. It was for this, more than for any alleged crimes during his ministry over the occupied East, that Rosenberg was condemned and hanged in Nuremberg in 1946. 470p-sc with index $45

National Socialism: Vanguard of the Future Jordan—Six selected writings by a veteran British National Socialist on Adolf Hitler and the struggle for a New Order. A most useful handbook. 136p-sc $25

The 'Nazi-Sozi' Goebbels—In this booklet a National Socialist answers a confused German worker with typical misconceptions about issues affecting him and his people. Originally published in 1931. 32p-sc $12

Reden Adolf Hitlers—Speeches of the Führer between March 10, 1940, and March 16, 1941. Originally published as Der grossdeutsche Freiheitskampf, II. Band." Index. 271p-sc $30

Der Revolutionäre Charakter des Nationalsozialismus Koehl Essential. BANNED IN GERMANY! German text 20p-sc $14

A Revolution in Thought Dietrich—A National Socialist reply to liberal notions about "freedom" and the individual. 30p-sc OUT OF STOCK

Rudolf Hess Speaks—Series is translated from speeches by Rudolf Hess.Each soft cover volume has 40-44 pages, and are $10.00 each. Or COMPLETE SET of all six volumes for only $50.00! NS Doctrine

Selfless Action Koehl—Indo-European mystic Savitri Devi called it "karma yoga." In this remarkable booklet the author offers an incisive description of this important doctrine, as he sets forth the moral premise for the struggle of our time. 16p-sc $8

Some Thoughts on the Formation of an Aryan American Folk Martin Kerr — A contribution to contemporary National Socialist thought from a leading American writer. Special emphasis is given to the volkisch concept and the need for a folk community. 31p-sc $10

Spiritual Foundations of the New Europe Dietrich—Text of a 1941 speech outlining the ideological contrast between National Socialism and true freedom on the one hand, and liberal democracy and plutocratic capitalism on the other. 32p-sc $10

SS Culture! Each softcover volume has 50 – 52 pages. $10.00 each. Or COMPLETE SET of all Twelve SS CULTURE Booksonly $95.00

Die Stimme der Ahnen by Wulf Soerensen— "The voice of our ancestors." A call to members of a younger generation for blood loyalty. Facsimile reprint of 1935 edition. German text. 37p-sc $12

To Aryan Youth Gross—Translation of an address by the head of the Racial Policy Department of the NSDAP which appeared in the Dec. 1935 issue of Neues Volk. In it the spiritual dilemma posed by conflicting religious and racial considerations is confronted as an unavoidable issue, one which must be clearly addressed by every Aryan and particularly those who embrace the National Socialist faith. 8p-sc $5

The Voice of the Ancestors Wulf Sörensen—This unique poetical work was originally published before the war by the Nordland Verlag. Stressing the importance of maintaining the purity of the bloodline, it offers a glimpse of Germanic religiosity in contrast to Judeo-Christian dogma. 40p-sc $10

The Words of Adolf Hitler—Updated and revised compendium of the most memorable quotations from Mein Kampf, carefully organized by category for easy reference. Every National Socialist should have a copy of this handbook for daily inspiration and edification 48p-sc $12

You and Your Folk Translated from the Third Reich original Du und Dein Volk. Given to German boys and Girls when they finished basic school, this booklet summarizes basic concepts such as folk, fatherland, Reich, race, duty, comradeship and patriotism. Most of all it encourages them to become productive members of the folk community, parents of healthy families and devote their life energy to Germany. Inspirational examples throughout history and quotations from German literature reinforce the central ideas. Absolutely essential reading for all responsible parents. 52p-sc $10

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