Anti-Zion Grimstadt — A remarkable collection of quotations by prominent people on the Jews and Jewish activities going back 2,000 years. Taken from original works, they show what the greatest minds of history actually said and thought about the Jewish Question. Eye-opening revelations on every page. 224p-sc $20

Behind Communism Britton - Fully revised, expanded and updated from the original 1952 book, this work clearly shows that Communism grew out of Russian Judaism. Although the Soviet Union has disappeared, the ideology which underpinned that state—state-engineered economic and social egalitarianism—lives on, and is stronger than ever before in the West. Now completely updated to include post-war Communist movements in eastern Europe, Britain, America, South Africa and China, this book is the most detailed record yet of the leading Jewish role in Communism. The conclusion discusses the reasons for Jewish extremist behavior, based on an understanding of group evolutionary psychology. Cover image: Nelson Mandela and the head of the South African Communist Party, the Lithuanian Jew Joe Slovo, 1990. 237p-sc $20

Bolshevism from Moses to Lenin Eckart—A penetrating look at the role of the Jews throughout world history—from Biblical times to the 20th century—by the poet, playwright and early National Socialist to whom Adolf Hitler dedicated Mein Kampf. Provides new insights into the Old Testament. 29p-sc $13

Conquest Through Immigration Robnett—How Zionist trickery and agression turned Palestine into a Jewish state in a modern-day replay of the first Hebrew Invasion 3,000 years ago—complete with Old Testament slaughter and atrocities. Over the millenia, old racial habits haven't changed. 407p-sc $25

Cultural Insurrections: Essays on Western Civilization, Jewish Influence, and Anti-Semitism Kevin MacDonald — Jewish intellectual and political movements are a powerful force in Western societies. Marxism, Zionism, neoconservatism, psychoanalysis, and multiculturalism have transformed Western self-consciousness, shattered ancient political orders through wars and revolutions, and promoted the ongoing demographic dispossession of European people by Third World immigrants. The Jewish role in these movements is often the subject of fierce partisanship on all sides, but is seldom the subject of careful and dispassionate scientific analysis. Kevin MacDonald has pioneered the evolutionary analysis of Jewish religious, intellectual, and political movements as strategies for achieving collective survival, advancement, and influence. Hiss essays are not only models of scientific rigor, broad research, and deep insight, but of courage, candor, and clarity. They are essential reading not just for scholars and students, but for anyone concerned to understand, and perhaps to alter, the dominant trends Western civilization. 432p-sc $25 hc $40

The Culture of Critique: AN EVOLUTIONARY ANALYSIS OF JEWISH INVOLVEMNET IN THE TWENTIETH CENTURY INTELLECTUAL AND POLITICAL MOVEMENTS by Kevin MacDonald —This is the third and final volume developing an evolutionary perspective on Judaism. 421p-sc $30

Den of Thieves Stewart—Micheal Milken. Martin Siegel. Ivan Boesky. Dennis Levine. These are the lovely names behind recent Wall Street scandals. Learn how these unsavory characters made billions through illegal insider-trading, while wreaking havoc on America's financial institutions and devastating investor's retirement funds. 512p-sc $18

Der Erforschung der Judenfrage by Wilhelm Grau— An investigation of the Jewish question. Facsimile of the 1943 edition. German text. 59p-sc $14

Eugen Dühring on the Jews Jacob—Philosopher Eugen Dühring was one of the most outspoken writers of the 19th century. His book The Jewish Question: A Racial, Moral and Cultural Question with a World-Historical Answer was one of the most candid and thoughtful works ever published concerning the nature of Jewry. Here is a translation of this remarkable work, along with an analysis of Dühring's political views. Well researched. 228p-sc $20

Gentile Folly:The Rothschilds Arnold Leese"I am not concerned with anecdotes about the Rothschilds, nor with registering their "wise-cracks," nor with their "charity." I take no interest in the Rothschilds as men or robots, but only as Jews; this book, which has been condensed so as to be within the reach of any working-man or woman, deals with the principal aspects of control over the Gentile by sheer weight of money-power, a control used for purposes not Gentile. Dealing, as it does, with the last 150 years which have been so full of world-shaking events, it has been no easy task to squeeze what I have to say within the compass of a one-shilling publication. To enable those who have either forgotten their history or (let us be honest) never learned it, to follow the narrative more easily, a calendar of some of the principal historical events of the period follows this preface, and I would advise the reader to have within reach, when reading the book, an ordinary school history-book for occasional reference."
This book was first printed 1937.. Amazing to compare the analysis from then with the realty of today. 83p-sc $25

Great Britain, the Jews and Palestine Landman - This astonishing booklet, written by one of Britain’s leading Zionists in the 1930s, shows how the Zionist lobby manipulated America into the First World War against Germany in exchange for the promise to give Palestine to the Jews as a homeland. This work was originally directed as a complaint against the British government for failing to live up to its promise after the Jewish lobby had lived up it to its promise. It lists the names, dates and places of how these remarkable events occurred, and even accused the British of endangering Jews in Germany at the time, where the Jewish role in bringing the U.S. into the war was well-known and one of the major causes of anti-Semitism in Germany. This is the original text along with a new introduction which provides a complete historical background and summary. “The only way to induce the American President to come into the War was to secure the co-operation of Zionist Jews by promising them Palestine, and thus enlist and mobilize the hitherto unsuspectedly powerful forces of Zionist Jews in America and elsewhere in favor of the Allies on a quid pro quo contract basis.” 33p-sc $10

The International Jew Ford—The great auto pioneer's critical study of Jewish influence on various aspects of American life—including finance, politics, music, motion pictures, entertainment and public morality. Essential. 231p-sc $18

A Jew Answers Anti-Semitism Eli Ravage—Is the basis of Western Civilization Jewish and are Christians Hypocritical in being anti-Semitic? Angered by growing anti-Semitism from Christians in the early 20th century, the author pointed out that if people were looking for a “Jewish conspiracy” then they should stop talking about Communism or Capitalism, but face up to the fact that Christianity—and therefore the post-Roman Western Civilization—has a Jewish spiritual, historical, intellectual and even moral basis. A book which will shock Christians, Jews and atheists alike. With a discussion and conclusion by a leading American professor. 60p-sc $12

Jewish Domination Of Weimar Germany—Originally published in 1933 by The General League of Anti-Communist Associations. Shows that during the period of the Weimar Republic, Jews heavily dominated industry, finance, commerce, medicine, law and theater, yet made up only 1% of the population. The Jews became apostles of communism and carriers of corruption, which forced the Government of Germany to adopt certain legal measures to curtail the authority exercised by Jews. 32p-sc $8

Jewish History, Jewish Religion Shahak—Rarely does a Jew speak with such candor about his own people as does the author of this amazing volume. Drawing on a masterful study of the Talmud, Shahak traces the 3,000-year-old record of Jewish hostility and vicious hatred toward non-Jews.. With a warning for Jew and Gentile alike, this powerful study is a must read for anyone interested in understanding a most troublesome question. 130p-sc $20

Jewish-Run Concentration Camps in the Soviet Union Greife — The first book to be published in the West (1937) which exposed the fact that Communist Jews were the commandants of 11 out of the 12 main Stalin-era Gulags. The Jewish role in the Soviet concentration-camp network has been covered up by the present-day media, with their focus on the German internment centers of World War II — this, despite the fact that far more prisoners perished in Jewish Communist camps than even the wildest allegations about the German camps suggest. This remarkable book dared to point out the truth long before it became widely known. Now, with a 2011 introduction, this version contains the original text and many of the original photographs. 50p-sc $15

Jewish War of Survival Leese—An examination of the real issue in World War II, the bloodiest conflict of all time, which claimed tens of millions of non-Jewish lives in what one writer described as an "organized pogrom against Gentiles." 94p-sc $14

The Jews and Their Lies Luther—Famous treatise on the Jewish Question by the great reformer. No holds barred. Condemned by today's Lutheran Church. 70p-sc $12

Judaism in Music Wagner—Famous critique of Jewish artistic deficiency by the Master of Bayreuth. If you appreciate true Aryan culture and the music of the Führer's favorite composer, this book is for you. Unabridged. 44p-sc $10

The Nameless War Ramsey—Concise history of the age-old conflict between the peoples of the West and the Jews and their money power, as told by a prominent former member of British Parliament. Recommended. 130p-sc $14

The New Jerusalem: Zionist Power in America Piper
An eye-opening inside look at the American Zionist elite today, the most thorough, fact-filled comprehensive up-to-date overview on the subject yet published.
Here, between two covers for the first time is hard data and information, taken primarily from mainstream pro-Zionist sources, relating to the power of the Zionist elite in America today. 184 p-sc $20

A People That Shall Dwell Alone:
JUDAISM AS A GROUP EVOLUTIONARY STRATEGY, WITH DIASPORA PEOPLES by Kevin MacDonald This book attempts to understand an ancient people in terms of modern evolutionary biology. A basic idea is that Judaism is a group evolutionary strategy—what one might tem an evolutionary significant way for a group of people to get on in the world. 492p-sc $35

The Predators' Ball Buck—Inside story of the plundering of U.S. investors by billionare Jewish swindler Micheal Milken. Wheeling and dealing with Ivan Boesky and other Wall Street Jews, Milken raked in more than $500 million per year in illicit profits before he was caught. His "junk bonds" have had a direct role in undermining the U.S. economy. 399p-sc $15

The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion—This highly controversial document which outlines a Messianic Jewish scheme for subversion and global rule in accordance with Old Testament precepts and prophecies. Is such a design actually being carried out in the modern world? You decide. Unabridged and complete with extensive commentary. 299p-sc $12

Russia’s Agony Wilton—The London Times’ correspondent in Russia provided the first western eyewitness account of the monumental events which resulted in the creation of the Soviet Union. Wilton provides a full historical background and the disastrous course of World War One for Russia, which sets the scene for the seizure of power by the Bolsheviks. He then details the Red Terror’s full enormity, and ends with the optimistic—and incorrect—hope that Bolshevism would be short-lived. Although Wilton’s credentials were impeccable and his status unchallenged, this book was blacklisted because he dared to report openly on the overwhelming number of Jews amongst the Communist revolutionaries. “I reported from Riga on the pernicious influence of Jewish Extremists. But this appeal to moderation was willfully distorted by the Jewish Press. Facts cited by me on the best authority were “proved” to be non-existent, and a campaign of slander and intimidation followed. Now, I was threatened with nothing less than murder.” “Afterwards their numbers increased largely, and although they studiously concealed their identity under assumed Russian or Polish names, it became known that the principal ones were: Nahamkez-Steklov, Apfelbaum-Zinoviev, Rosenfeldt-Kamenev, Goldmann-Gorev, Goldberg-Mekowski, Zederbaum-Martov, Himmer-Sukhanov, Krachman-Zagorski, Hollander-Mieshkowski, Lourier-Larin, Seffer-Bogdanov. Among the leaders of this gang – under Lenin – were: Trotsky, whose real name was Bronstein, and Feldmann, alias Chernov.” “Moreover, the Press, almost entirely in Jewish hands, had gone over to the Soviet, and Moderate organs that would not publish the Soviet proclamations glorifying spoilation and promoting Anarchy had been summarily ‘expropriated’ on behalf of newly founded Socialist publications.” “The revolutionary pseudo-Jews were thus destroying Russia’s hopes of a national revival and dragging the country into disaster.” “Behind the veil thus dropped by the Soviet and its pseudo-Jewish supporters, British and French pacifists worked unremittingly for the success of the Soviet plan.” Contains all original pictures and maps. 404p-sc $26

Separation and its Discontents:
TOWARDS EVOLUTIONARY THEORY OF ANTI-SEMITISM by Kevin MacDonald —This book builds upon his previous work, A People That Shall Dwell Alone (see above) which focused on developing a theory of Judaism within an evolutionary framework. 408p-sc $25

A Ship Without A Country: Eyewitness Accounts of the Attack on the USS Liberty Edited by Victor Thorn and Mark Glenn—When one considers that thousands of books, articles, essays, documentaries and blockbuster films have been made concerning pivotal events in history such as Pearl Harbor and the assassination of JFK; at the same time we need to ask: why has no such attention toward the attack on the USS Liberty (June 8, 1967) taken place? After all, had the ship been sunk as planned, it would have kicked off a possibly nuclear war between the U.S. and USSR. The reason for this silence over the Liberty attack is simple. It didn’t go off as planned, meaning the ship was not sunk. More importantly, the entity responsible for this attack was the most sacred of all sacred cows—Israel. Moreover, any rational person who spent even five minutes considering the facts of this event would walk away concluding that it was a deliberate act of war against the U.S. In this book, readers will come into contact with many of these facts, disturbing items that have been kept deliberately, some might even say fanatically, hidden, for nearly half a century. They paint the ultimate picture of set-up, betrayal, and cover-up—both by Israel and elements within the U.S. government. You’ll hear DIRECTLY from the survivors as well as high-ranking U.S. Navy and government officials who were witness to the subsequent cover up. These men agreed to be interviewed—at great physical and professional risk to themselves—so that the world would know what they saw that fateful day. Now you can too. 90p-sc $15

The Talmud Unmasked Pranaitis—A Catholic theologian carefully examines and exposes the incredible filth, perversion and sickness of the psuedo-holy book of the Jews. Parental discretion with younger children advised. 11p-sc $12

Wie Kam der Jude zum Geld? by Dr. Johann von Leers— "How did the Jew get his money?" Study of an alien modus operandi. Facsimile of German original. Illus. 64p-sc $14

WORLD CONQUERORS Louis Marschalko — Expresses some of the bitterness and contempt of enslaved Europeans for the rulers of the "victorious nations." It shows that by being urged to throw off the German yoke, the central European nations were tricked into becoming satellites of the Soviet. WORLD CONQUERORS indictes the real war criminals. It gives horrifying glimpses of the agony behind the Iron Curtain and describes the plot to extend the slave system to the Western world. 296p-sc $20

You Gentiles Samuels—What do the Jews really think about us? A leading Jew offers a frank confession of Jewish aims and attitudes toward Gentiles, explaining why Jews have always played such a destructive rolein world affairs. "We Jews, we, the destroyers, will remain the destroyers forever. Nothing that you do will meet our needs and demands. We will forever destroy, because we need a world of our own." 221p-sc $20


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