Auschwitz: The Final Count Bird—They said 4 million of the famous Six Million died at Auschwitz. Then they claimed the number of dead was only 1 1/2 million. But the mythical Six Million remained intact. What happened? This anthology offers anwers. 120p-sc $16

Auschwitz: The First Gassing Carlo Mattogno —Using original wartime documents Mattogno refutes these claims and inflicts a final blow to the tale of the first alleged homicidal gassing.
160p-sc $20

Der Auschwitz Mythos by Dr. Wilhelm Stäglich— A definitive study of the renowned WWII detention center by a former Hamburg judge. Illus. & diagrams. German text. 498p-sc $30

The 'Confessions' of Kurt Gerstein Roque—A scholarly exposé which strikes at the very roots of the Holocaust legend by debunking the "gas chamber" lie. In this famous French university dissertation, the incredible "confessions" obtained from a man under torture are systematically challenged. Of key importance to the revisionist argument. Transcripts & bibliography. 318p-sc $20

Did Six Million Really Die? Harwood — Solves the case of those missing Jews of World War II and answers all essential questions. Illus. 82p-sc $16

Dissecting the Holocaust Gauss—Regarded by many as the most comprehensive treatment of the subject, this work is the result of 10 years of careful study and investigation. With irrefutable scientific, historical and demographic evidence, it thoroughly demolishes the Great Hoax of the Age. Here is a book so explosive, that it was ordered confiscated and burned in today's "free and democratic" German state. 608p-hc/large format $50

The Hoax of the Twentieth Century: The Case Against the Presumed Extermination of European Jewry Butz—This was the first book to treat the entire Holocaust myth in a precise scientific manner, and the first U.S. published book to win the academic dignity entitled to Revisionism. This new edition comes with several supplements, adding new information gathered by the author over the last 25 years and is a major reference work frequently cited by prominent personalities. A 'must read' for anyone that wishes to view this issue rationally. Illus. 506p-sc $40

'The Holocaust': 120 Questions and Answers Weber—Everything you always wanted to know about the Great Hoax. It's all here in this handy compendium. Answers all essential questions. Map. 59p-sc $14

HOLOCAUST? What They Don't Tell You? Reynouard — This booklet cost the author nine months in prison and thousands of euros in fines. The power of this booklet alarmed French authorities to the extent that M. Reynouard was charged under the notorious “Gayssot Act,” which makes it a criminal offense in France to “contest” or dispute a certain blood libel promulgated by the Nuremberg show trial of 1945-46. 16p-sc $12

Innocent at Dachau Halow—In this moving memoir and carefully researched historical study, an insider tears apart the popular image of the postwar American-run war "war crimes" trials of Germans. As a young court reporter at the U.S. war crimes trials held at Dachau, the author returned to the transcripts and his memories of these proceedings—after more than 40 years—for a fresh look at how injustice wwas done to the defendants, and to historical truth. BANNED IN GERMANY! Photos, index. 337p-hc $20

Is "The Diary of Anne Frank" Genuine? Faurisson—The Diary has produced a multimillion-dollar worldwide industry and has been required reading in many schools. But was it genuine? A document specialist shows why he believes it was a fraud. 62p-sc $20

Jewish-Run Concentration Camps in the Soviet Union Greife — The first book to be published in the West (1937) which exposed the fact that Communist Jews were the commandants of 11 out of the 12 main Stalin-era Gulags. The Jewish role in the Soviet concentration-camp network has been covered up by the present-day media, with their focus on the German internment centers of World War II — this, despite the fact that far more prisoners perished in Jewish Communist camps than even the wildest allegations about the German camps suggest. This remarkable book dared to point out the truth long before it became widely known. Now, with a 2011 introduction, this version contains the original text and many of the original photographs. 50p-sc $15

The Leuchter Report with forward by David Irving—Definitive forensic examination of Auschwitz, which completely destroys the gas-chamber myth. Profusely illustrated & thoroughly documented. 68p-sc $20

Pope Pius XII´S Revisionism Professor Dr. Robert Faurisson—Favourable to the Allies and obligingly helpful to the Jews, Pius XII was also a revisionist. It is precisely his revisionist's scepticism, and not any ignorance of the facts, that explains his silence on the alleged physical extermination of the Jews, on the alleged Nazi gas chambers and on the alleged six million Jewish victims of what today is called the 'Holocaust' or 'Shoah'. For those who wish to do so, the only way to rehabilitate of the maligned Pope is to reveal the facts.
Additionally this volume contains: A fake: John XXIII's 'Prayer for the Jews'; Jesus' fate according to The Talmud; Six questions to John Paul II about Edith Stein; A letter from Henri Roques to Henri Amouroux 104p-sc $20

The Real Eichmann Trial Rassinier—Witness the 1961 Israeli show trial of Adolf Eichmann, which gave birth to the now-infamous myth of the six million. See exactly how Israel chose to perpetuate the wartime and Nuremberg lies about Germany's Jewish policy for its political and financial gain. Excellent analyses of the Nuremberg, Eichmann, and West German Auschwitz trials. Illus. 170p-sc $20

The Rudolf Report Kammerer & Solms—(condensed booklet form) Packed with facts and startling insights, this explosive book demolishes the myth of "Nazi gas chambers." Learn how gas chamber expert Fred Leuchter and Germar Rudolf of Germany's prestigious Max Planck Institute, using the most up-to-date scientific techniques, have demonstrated that the alleged gassings could never have taken place. Diagrams & illus. 15p-sc $12

The Rudolf Report Rudolf - A German chemist by profession, Mr. Rudolf conducted a comprehensive forensic analysis of the so-called gas chambers at Auschwitz, and proved conclusively that the buildings could never have been used for the purpose claimed. This is the full, uncut version of The Rudolf Report, and is the first time that this detailed, scholarly demolition of the Auschwitz legend has been published in English. 455p-sc $25

Tales of the Holohoax—Hilarious satire which demolishes the Holocaust hoax and exposes its mendacious promoters 14p-sc/large comic book format $10



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